[Release] Last.fm for Artists 0.7

Many of you might have been waiting for this release and right you are, because it’s fully packed with improvements:

  • [fix] uninstall method changed
  • [fix] another try to avoid doubled entries
  • [fix] hide-if-empty was broken
  • [add] now the plugin carries some cool ready-to-use layout variants (fully customizable, of course)
  • [change] the built-in layouts now feature robust, CSS-driven tooltips
  • [add] there is a new special tag for variables %VARIABLE:<name-of-variable>:<value-of-variable>% which is only useful in built-in configurations and needed for things like API keys.
    • upon widget layout selection, this special tag is recognized and a javascript window pops out asking for the value. Up to now, only one variable per configuration is possible.
    • this gets used in the GoogleMaps event layouts to ask you for your domain-specific API-Key, which you can sign-up for here.

It is important that you select a layout (or write you custom one) after changing type or adding a new widget, otherwise the formatting would be uninitialized and the widget will be empty.

I hope I did not introduce new bugs and everybody is satisfied with this release. As of this version I am able to include arbitrarily many example configurations with the plugin, so here is another way to contribute: Submit your custom configuration or demand something specific I really should include in the next release.

Upgraders beware: I don’t think your customized widget configuration will get lost during the upgrade, but for increased safety you should make a backup.

Recently I was asked a support question considering the format of date (and time). As the industrious reader of readme files should know, this is currently handled by the translation files, what means tinkering around with it is not as easy as it should be, I guess. So in fact there are at least 5 affected tags (starttime, endtime, startdate, enddate, date) for which an elegant idea would be highly appreciated.

Last but not least I want to thank #benniy and ongonkov for making helpful bug reports.