[release] Last.fm for Artists 0.6.1

Finally I am proud to announce a new bright and shiny version of my Last.fm for Artists WordPress plug-in. The highlights of this release include:

  • improved wordpress 2.7 compatibility (css, un-installation)
  • further clarified options layout: Users reported to be overwhelmed by the number of options, so I split it up in normal and advanced options, utilizing the built-in thickbox script.

So please download the new version via the wordpress plugin repository (or the cool auto-update function) and report bugs in the forums or directly here.

Upgraders pay attention: It’s most likely that your options get reset to default, so I recommend a backup. From version 0.6.1. on this should not happen anymore.

I’m planning to further de-complicate the usage of the plugin by including a few more sample configurations per widget type which might be selected via an additional option. Also I think there is a need for another widget type: “Top Tags” and/or “Related Artists” whose implementation won’t be very complicated.

~~~ Cheers!