So this page is dedicated to WordPress as I am big fan of this software. Today I use wordpress as a very easy-to-learn CMS and fast up-and-running website backend. As you might have noticed, you are reading a wordpress powered site in this very moment.

Last.fm for Artists

Last.fm for Artists Logo
Plugin artwork by Karo*

As I am willing to contribute and to give something back, I wrote a lil’ plugin for allowing users to pull artist information from Last.fm right to their sidebar. The plugin started with being a synergy exploiting tool used as an gig calendar. But in some way it started its own life and features popped out nearly everywhere. But see yourself!

You can always download the latest stable version right from the wordpress plugin repository. This is also the right place for support questions regarding the plugin because since I am subscibed to the forum you can expect a (rather) quick answer. If you’re a registered user: I appreciate every single vote on my plugin.

*visit Karos homepage!

Support me

If you are interested in supporting my developments, you can do so in many ways:

  • Report bugs, provide neat examples, suggest further features or just promote this plugin.
  • Translate the plugin to another language or correct an existing language. If you want to, but don’t know how – take a look at poEdit, this article and the files in the “lang” folder.
  • Donate via PayPal to jeich@gmx.de or send me a present from my wishlist.