Sharing Confs on a dual-boot system – Part 1: Pidgin & Firefox

Recently I installed Feisty Fawn on my 2 and a half years old Asus Laptop and it works just like a charm (I really like those desktopFX). But since I have to use some MS stuff for university (like MS Project) and I get those progs for free (MSDNAA program) I’m using dual-boot on this machine. After working alternating in Windows and Linux I wondered whether there is a way to share some configuration data between both systems, since I use my favourite apps on both of them.
Step 1 was to enable NTFS read/write support on Ubuntu (wich seems rather stable in the meantime), because in Windows the config-files are located on X:Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data which usually is on an NTFS formatted disk. Afterwards I just wanted to make some kind of link to the appropriate directories in Ubuntu to shift the used config-files to those used in Windows.
To make the story short: By modding Pidgin (formerly Gaim) this way, everything works as I expected it, no strange behaviour. All account-information, chat-logs and preferences are properly carried over. Hurray!
But my favourite browser Firefox has some problems with this kind of modding. It seems that the firefox directory structure is slightly different comparing Ubuntu and Windows and maybe so is the profile-data. Anyway – I’m still not sure whether it is possible at all, but I decided (temporarily maybe) to give it up and another try with a newer Firefox version. At the moment there are some issues in Firefox with Add-Ons on Ubuntu which should be solved before sharing the profile data, I think. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well…

  • session management doesn’t work if TabMixPlus-AddOn (essential for me) is installed, neither the build-in nor the TMP one.
  • bookmarks are not always loaded when starting FF, opening another window always solves this
  • sometimes a really tiny FF window appears on startup, so tiny only some pixels of the titlebar are visible, by resizing this window, one will see a completely empty window
  • maximizing/minimizing FF with enabled desktopFX sometimes leads to ugly black areas and/or unused gray areas

Yes, I could fill out some bug-reports, but I’m not sure how to reproduce those things. It’s definitly something with AddOns and desktopFX (which btw are beta). So there is a bitter taste while surfing the web with FF and Ubuntu which will be gone soon I hope.